War broke out. You have 30 seconds. What will you pack? What if you’re not fast enough and your life is at stake? What if you see misinformation online? And what if you’re standing on the other side of the barricade and propaganda is forcing you to do horrible things?

About the initiative

Some write articles, some document current events, some donate their time and resources. We make video games. And those aren’t just for fun anymore. They help us understand experiences and ordeals we have never had to go through in real life. The aim of our initiative is to paint a picture of what the situation of our eastern neighbour is like.


What is it like to live in the war-torn Ukraine? Is it even possible not to fall for misinformation? How to spot it? And what are the thoughts of an occupying soldier? 

Play our games or recommend them to people around you. All the games are free, but we will be thankful if, through an organisation of your choice, you decide to financially support those that need money the most – the people of Ukraine.

Point of No Return

This turn-based survival adventure game takes place in a war-torn city. You have to escape. Can you overcome enemy soldiers, tanks, and various obstacles to get to safety?

Platform: Browser, Windows PC

Controls: Myš (Point and Click)

Authors: Viktor Kováč, Tomáš Rybár, Martin Stanček, Hey Emil

Time to Pack

Vo vašej krajine vypukla vojna. Máte obmedzený čas, aby ste si zbalili to najpotrebnejšie a vydali sa na útek. Čo si zbalíte? Čo necháte navždy doma? Otestujte si svoje schopnosti v rôznych podmienkach a scenároch.

Platform: Windows

Controls: Mouse (Point and Click)

Team: Balici

Between the Siren's Call

This atmospheric adventure game introduces you to the way civilians in war-torn countries live. Hide from bombings and try to deal with difficult decisions people have to face during war.

Platform: Windows

Controls: Keyboard, Press [H] to show Hint

Team: The Last Minute

3 Words

The game lets you experience a day in a life after finding out a war broke out in a neighbouring country. Learn about misinformation, have a difficult conversation with parents, and come to terms with your own feelings about the situation. The game was made to help people process a situation as mentally difficult as war.

Platform: Browser (HTML5)

Controls: Mouse (Point and Click)

Author: Lady L


Wars aren’t only waged on battlefields, but also in media and the minds of people on both sides. Play a short quiz and see if you can tell facts apart from propaganda about the Russo-Ukrainian conflict.

Platform: Windows

Controls: Mouse (Point and Click)

Team: Struct9

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Your game

Have you made a game that would fit into this collection? Let us know!


  • Your game should be timeless and generally applicable to any war conflict

  • The game should have an educational or social added value

  • The game cannot be violent or encourage, depict or condone violence

  • The game also cannot make fun of or ridicule representatives of either side of the conflict

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Financial aid

Ukrainian Red Cross is helping people affected by the conflict as the security situation allows. National Societies in surrounding countries, with support from IFRC, are assisting people leaving Ukraine with shelter, basic aid items and medical supplies: 

UNHCR – The UN Refugee Agency is providing protection and humanitarian assistance, including emergency shelters, repairs for homes damaged by shelling, emergency cash assistance, and protection such as psychological support. Winter relief is also provided for displaced people in need as temperatures plummet, such as high thermal blankets: 

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We will soon add some materials that the authors of our games have worked with




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